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Welcome to Tech Settle. We know getting legitimate backlinks for your website is hard and no one can regret the importance of backlinks. It significantly improves the domain authority as well as the number of views on your blog. High domain authority websites don't like to give a backlink of a website otherwise, it may be considered as a spam by search engines. However, instead, you can write a guest post for them and demand for the backlink.

Guest Post is writing content/articles for other websites which is not yours. You can write guest posts to increase your writing experience and skill level. Most bloggers write guest posts to get the dofollow backlink for their website. Dofollow backlinks significantly increase your website page authority, domain authority, and website ranking in search engines. 

Write For US

We've started a program for every blogger who wants to become a content writer or write guest posts. We're offering every blogger to write guest posts and we allow to add one do-follow backlink in the post. 

Read our terms & conditions for guest posts:

Post Should:
  • Be submitted as Word Doc or Google Doc.
  • Be written clearly and should be interesting.
  • Be based on SEO, Technology, Programming, and Informational. For example, Best smartphones, iOS features, tips & tricks, Etc.
  • Not look promotional.
  • Contain minimum 1500 words.
  • Not contain more than one hyperlink to your website or company.
  • Not be copyrighted or posted anywhere else before/after.

How to Submit

Send your submission to and wait for confirmation. This will take less than two days to process your submission and then let you inform you once your content is verified.

Additionally. you can fill this form to get in touch with us or ask related questions.

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