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Really! you're still searching the full form of the Computer. After reading this article, you will definitely get your answer. Nowadays computers are everywhere in the world.
Below, I've written What is Computer, full form of Computer and types of computers.

What is a Computer?

According to Wikipedia, "A computer is a machine that can be instructed to carry out sequences of arithmetic or logical operations automatically via computer programming."

Now let be simple. A computer is a set of software and hardware. Earlier, Computers were used for calculation, and some operations only but nowadays computers are the very advanced device that is more than a thousand times faster than the earlier one. Modern Computers are widely used for data sharing, data manipulations, weather forecasting, scientific purpose, simulation, etc. Our modern computers are very cheaper as compared to first-generation computers.

As we know, A computer is a set of software and hardware. Software is a set of code that can be written using many programming languages. since the software is a logical entity we can only feel it whereas the Hardware is an electrical entity that can be touch and feel both. The main purpose of creating software is to control the hardware components. i.e. Notepad, Camera app, PowerPoint are the software and Mouse, Keyboard, monitor, motherboard, etc are hardware.

What is the Full Form of Computer?

Let me explain one most important thing, There's no full form of computer. "Computer is not an acronym, it is a word derived from the word "compute" which means to calculate." 
Some people will say the full form of computer is, "Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational Research" or "common operating machine particularly used for trade education and research" but it's not a full form.

Types of Computer

There are mainly four types of computer:
  1. Microcomputer
  2. Mini Computer
  3. Mainframe Computer
  4. Supercomputer

We will understand all the computer types in the short term:

1. Micro Computer

The microcomputer can be called as a pocket computer meanwhile these are less in size, cheaper price, and not powerful as mini-computers. Microcomputers have one motherboard and one CPU.
Computers, Mobile phones, and other devices are the best examples of microcomputers.

2. Minicomputer

Minicomputers are more powerful computers than microcomputers but slower than Mainframe computers. These computers are larger in size compared to the microcomputer, it can be the size of 10 to 7 inches. These computers have a multiprocessing system because they have more than on CPUs.

3. Mainframe Computer

Mainframe computers mainly are used for store databases and database management. These have all the same features that its preceding models have but as we know it is more fast, more costly, and not adorable for all persons. 

4. Supercomputer

Supercomputers are top-notch machines in the list of all computers. Supercomputers have a lot more better specifications compared to any other computers. Every supercomputer can have more than 50 processors CPU and thousands of cores. It is mainly used for scientific purpose, 


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