How To Increase Acer Laptop Volume?

 is a very good laptop brand that provides high-end specifications laptops at cheap price. Although some Acer laptops are not cheap but considering their high-end specifications and quality that's ok. In some mid-range Acer laptops, many users are facing low volume bug but actually, it's not a bug. You can easily increase the Acer laptop's volume by following the given tutorial

Limited Output in Acer laptops

Acer provides us a feature in sound settings called "Limited output" that is enabled by default. Limited output decreases the volume level to protect our System speakers and earphones speakers from high bass that can be harmful. I've seen this feature in Acer laptops only but I'll definitely encourage you to check this in other brand's laptops too.
In this tutorial, we'll know, how to disable the "Limited output" to increase the Acer laptop's volume.

How To Increase Acer Laptop's Volume

We've to disable the Limited Output feature from sound settings to increase the Acer laptop's volume level. follow the given steps:

  • Go to the control panel and search for Sound
  • Open sound settings
  • Choose Speakers and click Properties
  • Go to Custom from the top bar and turn of the Limited Output

Done. Now you can play any songs and videos with a 100% volume level.

Note: This feature "Limited Output" is especially for Acer Laptop. You can check it in another laptop brand too.


Thanks for scrolling down. I hope you guys find this article useful. Still, if you're facing any problem regarding this article "How to increase Acer laptop's volume?" comment down. I will definitely help you to solve this problem.

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