There are no such other platforms like Youtube. We are used to of watching Youtube videos day & night without getting bored & tired. Since, it a factory of videos which produces billions of hours videos per day, here you can watch unlimited videos on any topic/niche without login or singing.

Along with that, tons of Youtube features & its user-friendly UI helps a lot to contribute billions of users worldwide. However, it has some limitations as well, such as you cannot download Youtube videos though, you can offline them to watch later without any internet connection but offline videos expire after some days and need to download again.

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There are numerous ways to download a Youtube video. Today I will show you some of the best ways to download Youtube videos at 4K resolution on your smartphone or desktop.

Without going to the main section, you might ask this question to yourself

Is Downloading Youtube Videos Illegal?

Before deciding legal or illegal, you need to understand that you really don't need to download youtube videos and keeping into your hard drive full. Under very some certain conditions the video got removed. Youtube doesn't let you download videos just because you could upload the same video again to its server or any other platform. To know if it's legal or illegal downloading youtube videos, read this article.

How to Download Youtube Videos?

There are mainly two methods you can use for downloading youtube videos, either by using software or with the help of online service/website. There are some paid services as well such as YoutubeByClick, 4K video downloader, etc. In this section, we'll track down both methods. Let's go

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Download Using Apps


TubeMate is a very popular Youtube downloader app that let us download Youtube videos in multiple formats including 4K resolution within a single click. You don't need any signup or login process to get into the app. Download this app directly from here

2. VidMate

All Youtube downloader apps got removed from the play store due to violating Google Youtube policy so like VidMate. VidMate is a very fast web browser and Youtube downloader where you can download youtube videos at incredible speed. Aside from that, you can use this app for daily internet browsing if you can tolerate the irritating ads. Download this app directly from here.

3. VideoBuddy Youtube Downloader

VideoBuddy is a free Youtube downloader Android app that you can use to download youtube videos at 4K resolution. You can use VideoBuddy to convert Youtube videos into audio MP3 format and download it directly from here within a single click. Download VideoBuddy Youtube Downloader from here.

4. Free Youtube Downloader

Free Youtube downloader is a PC/desktop software for downloading youtube videos on your desktop. You can download this app directly from here.

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Without Using App

If you don't want to use any software, you should use this method. In this method, I'll show you how to download Youtube videos without any software or Android apps. Here's how

  • First, open youtube video in the Chrome browser that you want to download
  • Then move your cursor to the URL bar and add "SS" after www. For example, To and hit enter or search
  • Now, you will be redirected to another website where you can download videos in several formats.

Thank for scrolling down. If you have any questions or queries ask me directly in comment box.

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