Blogger is a widely used Free Blog Publishing Platform powered by Google itself where anyone can write their own contents and publish them for others to read.

--As for beginners, everyone should start blogging with the Blogger platform than WordPress. Because blogger lets you understand How Google indexing works, Search Engine Optimizations, Keywordsetc that are essential to rank our pages on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Once you got these ideas, ranking A website will become much faster.

The user interface of the Blogger is really simple. You can create your website and start blogging within a seconds. It's really simple to create a website on Blogger and customize it as well.

Unfortunately, Blogger has its own suffix or technically called "infix" in a domain name. For example, when you create a website on the blogger "Blogspot" term will be added automatically in the mid of the domain name like "" which we cannot remove that. However, what can we expect with a free domain!.

Without further going into the topic, lets first clear some questions that are in your mind related to Blogger and WordPress. Some of them are as follows:

Q1. WordPress or Blogger, which one is better?

If you already have some technical skills like you know about keywords, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and some blogging skills, I will always prefer you to use WordPress.

WordPress provides you a lot of better facilities than Blogger. It has unlimited SEO plugins to boost the ranking, great customizable full-screen themes for free, No HTML or other coding interaction, and other cool stuff that makes it better than the Blogger platform.

In Blogger, There're a lot of limitations. You can have only 100 blog sites (I think that's enough) on blogger with one account whereas you can write as many posts as want on WordPress hosting, A Blogspot can have 5000 tables and the homepage size can be only about 1MB. However, there're some advantages to the Blogger platform too.

If you want to blog free of cost then Blogger be the best option. It requires less technical skills, creating a Blogspot website is really simple than any non-technical person can do within a second.
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Q2. Which one is easy to rank, Blogger or WordPress?

To Understand it with practical, search anything on Google. It is a very rare case when you see a Blogspot domain ranking on top of Google's search page.
Since there're no more SEO options in Blogger, it becomes really hard to rank a Blogspot domain on the top of Google's first page, however, if you write a really long article, chances are more to rank the page on the first page.

On WordPress mostly websites are hosted as .com domain that is known as a top-notch domain. There're lots of SEO plugins that help to optimize the SEO really well. Some paid plugins auto-suggest you, what next step you should do to optimize SEO.
But as I already said, Blogger is free and Wordpress is not so considering these things, both are good platforms.

Q3. Can I shift my Blogspot website to the WordPress website?

Yes, you can shift your blogger website to WordPress with a 403 error but it's really hard to do. If you don't optimize your WordPress website, it can ruin your website SEO that may result in few viewers and less income so the best thing you can do is to create a new WordPress website and start blogging with it.
If you want to know how to shift Blogspot to Wordpress Read this article: How To Shift Blogspot To WordPress?

Now let's move on to our main topic, How to create a Blogger/Blogspot Account?

In this section, we'll learn to create a Blogger/Blogspot account to create a Blogspot website

Step 1: To create a Blogger account, you should only have a Gmail account that's it. If you don't have a Gmail account then first create a Gmail account.

Step 2: Once you create a Gmail account visit website. Then click on Create new blog icon to create a new Blogspot website. Once you click, you will be asked to enter the Title and Address of a website.
How To Create a Blogger Account? | Create a Blogspot Website
Step 3: In this step, you've to enter the Title and Address of the website. You can choose the title whatever you want to keep but the address of the blogger should have unique that has never been used before. For example, I'm giving the Title name Blogger Tutorial and Address Then click on create from the bottom of the page.

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That's it. How simple is it!. Now you are on the main admin page of Blogger. From here you can create a new post, see the stats, change the themes, etc.
You can start writing SEO friendly articles without waiting a second.
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Thanks for scrolling down. For now, we learned how to create a Blogger account? and we'll cover more topics related to Blogger. I've started a new topic i.e. Blogger Tutorial.

In the future, I'll explain to you everything about Blogger. We'll know, How to do SEO in Blogger, How to start Blogger as a beginner, How to index page instantly on Google, How to get Adsense on Blogger, which theme is perfect for your Blogger niche, etc.

We'll go through all the subtopics related to the Blogger. So stay tuned with us, Subscribe Us, Share the article with your friends, follow me on social media platforms.

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