Screen Casting is an amazing feature supported by Android and Windows both operating system. You can use this feature to display/mirror one device screen to another or Cast your Android screen to Windows 10.

It is an not essential feature but yet it is supported by almost every latest smartphone model. You can use screencasting to watch photos, movies, or other videos on a bigger screen. And the best thing is You don't need any additional software or application to cast your Android screen to Windows 10.


  • Android Device
  • Windows 10 PC that has "Connect" installed. (Connect is a pre-installed application so you need to worry about it.)

Cast Android Screen to Windows 10

If your Android version is Lollipop (Android 5.0) or above, this option will available under Android settings.

To cast your display, you just need to follow these three simple steps.

Step 1: Search Connect from Windows 10 start menu and open the connect app

Connect App User Interface

Note: In case if you don't find connect app on your computer then make sure that you are using the latest Windows 10 operating system.

Step 2: Once you're done with your PC, quickly open your Android phone's Settings and search for the cast from the search menu or Goto Settings > Display > Cast. This option may vary depending upon your device model.

OR simply drop down the quick access bar (Notification bar) from the top of your device and click on Cast and turn it on. It will show you all the available devices nearby you

Turn On WiFi and Bluetooth:
Connect To Your Screen Device or Windows 10 Laptop:

Step 3: From here, click on your computer/Windows name and it will connect automatically and then ready to go.

That's it. You have successfully cast your android phone to your computer.

Bottom Line:

If you face any problem during this process or need any kind of help, please comment down, we will surely look into it and reply as soon as possible.

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