Best Python IDEs and Code Editors

Python is a very high demanding trendy programming language in 2021 that you should consider learning. Since Python is a multi-purpose programming language that requires different IDEs for different purposes that's why there are so many IDEs available for Python. In this post, we have discussed the 9 best Python IDEs and code editors in 2021 that you should definitely know as a Python programmer. But before going through all these IDEs, let's first understand the IDE

What is an IDE?

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment that includes everything required for fast and efficient coding such as code editor, compiler, copy-paste, debugging, etcA fully functional powerful IDE contains so many features such as auto-completion, syntax highlighter, debugging option, etc that make coding very easy and quick debugging. Each programming language has its own IDE and one IDE can not be used for all programming languages. Some powerful IDEs names are, Pycharm, IntelliJ for Java, etc.

Here we have listed 9 Best Python IDEs and code editors in 2021 with their unique features

1. PyCharm

Best Python IDE

PyCharm is everyone's favorite IDE to write Python codes very efficiently and you can code much faster with auto-completion. It's created by JetBrains company that already has made many excellent IDEs for cross platforms, for example, IntelliJ is one the most popular IDE for Java made by the same company. PyCharm approaches a simple user interface for codings which provides an ease to the programmers. Pycharm is available for Windows, MAC, and Linux OS. 

Best Python IDEThere are two Editions available of PyCharm:

  1. Community Edition - It's free open-source for all users. It will do your most jobs.
  2. Professional Edition - It's for advanced programmers that support Web Development framework support for web developers as well as you can work with Databases & SQL. Visit Pytcharm's official website to know more.

In both editions, You can install basic along with advanced libraries using PIP and work with that. Some popular Python libraries are Django, Flask, Tkler, etc. You can use it for other programming languages such as JavaScript, CoffeeScript, CSS, and TypeScript. Both Pycharm Editions perform very well under the right environment since Pycharm takes a lot resources from the PC. You can read more documents from here.

Key Features:
  • Intelligent Code Editor that Auto suggests the codes to increase coding speed and saves your time.
  • Large community support
  • Multiple themes including dark theme present in PyCharm IDE
  • The compiler works very well and fast
  • PyCharm makes Debugging really easy
  • Smart code navigation
  • Can be used for Web Development (including HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Cross-Platform Support

VS Code (Visual Studio) is all in one open-source integrated development environment (IDE) available there. It is developed by Microsoft developers. You can use it for Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, and other programming languages. Similar to PyCharm, it has simple UI, easy controls, and quick operations navigation.

There are thousands of extensions available for this IDE to improve the coding experience, prettier is one the best extensions for VS code I know. You can easily install any Python's library using PIP.

You can use the VS Code for the Python web development too. That's the reason many programmers prefer to use this IDE instead of any other. Read more documents from here.

Key Features:
  • It's lightweight, fast, and free open source
  • Built-in Git commands
  • Highly customizable IDE
  • So many plug-ins available
  • Many themes available including dark theme
  • Support Java, C++, Html, CSS, and many more including Python
  • Available for cross Platform devices such as Windows OS, macOS, and Linux.


Best Python IDE

IDLE stands for Integrated Development and Learning Environment, based on the Unix command line coding. It is the default IDE we get with Python interpreter which is self-coded using Python language. You can use it to perform some basic operations through IDLE. 

Basically, this IDE is meant for beginners to understand the basics of Python. It is more likely a command prompt. Along with that, it has multi-text colors, searches within a window, easy debugging, and many more features. You can read more documents from here.

Key Features:
  • Cross-Platform Support
  • Free open source for GPL
  • Integrated with Python
  • Unix Support

Sublime Text 3 is another Python code editor and the best Python IDE. It's a highly customizable IDE along with a simple user interface which can be used for other programming languages as well. It is available for OS X, Windows, Linux, and other platforms.

You can install Python's libraries such as Django and Flasks for web development. Packages and plugins makes it more powerful. Syntax highlighting, debugging, auto-completion, etc are such great powerful features of this IDE. 

Key Features:
  • 44 other programming languages support including Python
  • Free open-source available for cross platforms
  • Available on Git Repo
  • Free Trial, although you can buy the license to remove interpret pop-ups
  • More focus on code instead of menus because of its UI

5. Spyder

Best Python IDE

Spyder IDE is the best open-source IDE for Python for scientific research developments. It includes every library that is used for research purpose such as NumPy, Pandas, SciPy, and other libraries for machine learningThis is the same IDE available inside Anaconda which is the world's most popular science platform available for Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms.

Auto-completion, fast compiler, syntax highlighter, and other features available in this IDE.

Key Features:
  • Written in Python itself
  • Too many plugins available that can increase the number of customization and features
  • Available for cross platforms
  • Mainly used for scientific research developments
  • Every library related to data science are already installed

6. Thonny

Best Python IDE

Thonny is one of the best Python IDE for beginners loaded with tons of advanced features. It is freely available on the internet. It comes with a simple layout UI like a notepad with syntax highlighting, debugging option, auto-completion, error highlighting, and other necessary options.
Here, you can install almost every Python's library such as Django, Flask, NumPy, etc. you can read more documentation from here.

Key Features:
  • Free open-source available on Bitbucket Repo
  • Available for cross-platforms. 
  • Integrated Pip
  • Many Plug-ins Available 
  • Bigger Community
  • Beginner-friendly layout
  • System SHELL support

7. Jupyter Notebook

Best Python IDE

Jupyter Notebook is a web-based open-source Python IDE. The environment of this IDE is specially designed for data science programmers. It contains every library such as Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, etc that data science requires. Data science is all about machine learning and numerical calculation. Here, you write codes in cells and you can run a specific cell at a time. Read documents from here.

Key Features:
  • Best IDE for the data science
  • Code in cells and each cell run separately
  • 40 programming languages support including Python
  • Big data integrated

GNU/Emacs is one of the best Python code editors created by Richard Stallman. It's a free open source software for Windows, macOS, and Linux OS.

You can use this code editor for many programming languages including Python. It has syntax highlighting, some editing nodes, and other stuff like that.
You can increase the number of customization using extensions.

Key Features:
  • Support many programming languages including Python
  • Free open source
  • Many extension support
  • Highly customizable code editor for Python

9. Atom

Atom is another simple IDE available for Windows OS, macOS, and Linux. Along with simplicity, you get the best code editor with auto-completion, multiple panels, find & replace, and extendible extensions. You can install extensions to archive more customization options.

Key Features:
  • You can install unlimited open-source packages
  • Themes customization option available
  • Suitable for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript too.
  • Beta version available publically. Download it from here.

CONCLUSION on 9 Best Python IDE and Code Editors

In my sense, VS code is one the most popular IDE you can use for any programming language including Python. There are lots of positive reviews on VS code. 

At last, tell me Which is your favorite IDE for Python or Which IDE you are using right now? comment box is open for you.

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