Atari's Untombed game always remained as a mystery that nobody knew how it works but there are a lot of proofs available now and Atari's game code is now revealed. When there were so many hardware limitations and less technical knowledge. This leads to a mystery game called the Untombed. Nobody knows how this game was programmed but worry not. We have a lot of information.

PS 4-5, Xbox series are the current kings in console gaming . But back in 1972 Atari, Atari 2600 was the major player. They were very famous but in 2020, they hardly exist. They still have a great looking website with all the games and are about to launch the Atari VCS model. In the year 2017, the company launched Atari VCS. But pre-orders began from 2018. Yet no one got hands-on , due to covid-19 pandemic the product is again delayed. Atari might make a come back because as per the leaks the console supports 4k 60fps gaming, Atari CX40 joystick and other classic Atari accessories.

About Untombed:

The Atari's Untombed game is basically a vertical scrolling maze run. The player's job is to kill all the enemies. That time there were so many hardware limitations, one of them was memory. So, it was the time when the first hard disk came into existence. Which had the capacity to hold whopping five megabytes of memory (pun intended).

Anyways, the developers used techniques to run this game i.e a program that procedurally generates the maze. A maze that automatically gets generator under different circumstances, that is artificial intelligence. Wait what? By studying these old techniques, we can introduce a lot to the present world.

And if you didn't catch the previous hint, it (the game) was the stepping stone of artificial intelligence. After a lengthy analysis by BBC, they just couldn't explain, they just said “It was a very deep rabbit hole”.

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What is so deep about Atari?

It's a normal maze getting a shape in a particular sequence. Before measuring the depth of Atari untombed game. We need to understand how the game works.

The game just has to decide two things, whether to draw a wall or space (no wall). So each cube that it generates is either wall or no wall in terms of computer bits it's zero or one. So, based on the previous section of the maze or the five square boundary of the previous section. The program determines the next part of the maze.

When the digital archaeologist asked one of the founders, Steve Sidley, about the game, he told the exact same words.

"The basic maze generating routine had been partially written by a stoner who had left. I contacted him to try and understand what the maze generating algorithm did. He told me it came upon him when he was drunk and whacked out of his brain, he coded it up in assembly overnight before he passed out, but now could not for the life of him remember how the algorithm worked."

Testimonial statement. Leave your thoughts in the comment section down below.

atari untombed

The way the Untombed works:

There are thousands of assumptions. There are some people who tell it’s a wrong code or they just don’t agree whatsoever the proof is given. Then there math geeks who’ve cracked code for themselves but when tested in all scenarios , the code doesn’t justify . Then comes people who agree that it’s a code written using common sense. Basic tools of programming like cut, copy, paste, reverse, etcetera were used.

Number one :

This assumption is a little confusing but makes its point. A guy on Reddit came up with three rules that he thinks are the pillars of the untombed game. Many agree with him.

  • One:  the code is 001 and the diagonal is present. Adding a zero makes in a 2*2 block . So one(1) should be added. our aim is to avoid this 2*2 block .

  • Two:  we have a diagonal again and the code is 100. No rule applies here, so zero has to be added.

  • Three: all the rules force the statement of the bit to either present zero or one. If none of those are present, then random bit will be generated.

Number two :

It's a normal code, all the possible maze strategies are present in the program, all the program does is

  • reverse the order
  • split
  • connect
  • break
  • copy/cut/paste

and do anything to the existing code itself.

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Sounds like the stoner had the best common sense. Using basic tools like split, copy, paste, reverse, etcetera, he created a mind-boggling untombed game.

Studying old video games is a great use in the modern world. We can understand and use those techniques in our hardware limited platforms like the VR or AR and make much efficient output.

The Untombed feels like a normal game and its astonishing how a stoner was able to program a legendary game.

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