15 New MIUI 12 Tips and Tricks You Don't Know

MIUI is one of the most popular custom UI that comes with most Xiaomi smartphones. It is equipped with tons of useful features such as inbuilt app locker, hide apps, dark mode, quick replies, video wallpapers, gaming mode, and many more. In April 2020, Xiaomi announces its custom skin upgraded version MIUI 12 for upcoming Xiaomi devices. MIUI 12 brings a bunch of UI changes, security improvement, and other features. Today, in this article, we'll explore 15 new MIUI 12 tips and tricks you don't know.

MIUI 12 Tips and Tricks For Mi Smartphones

These tips and tricks work perfectly on any Xiaomi smartphone which has MIUI 12 installed. You can check your current MIUI version from Settings > About Phone > MIUI version. To check for the latest update, go to the About phone section and click on System update.

1. Always-on Display

Always-on Display (AOD) is a useful feature for AMOLED displays because of the technology used in it. This feature allows you to customize your smartphone's home screen with a bunch of animations and widgets. You can apply different styles of animated clocks along with date & time, designs and multiple apps widgets, etc. To enable Always-on display on your phone, go to SettingsAmbient Display & Lock Screen > then, turn on Ambient Display

2. New Control Center

Xiaomi introduces a whole new control center to all MIUI 12 users which is now more looks like an iPhone copy. It looks cool though. Icons for Mobile Data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc have been tweaked slightly bigger along with some animation changes. You can access the new control center by swiping the top right corner and top left corner to access the notification panel. 

You can manually turn on and turn off this feature. To do so, open your device Settings > Display > Control centre & Notification shade > Then, toggle 'Use new Control Centre' to enable it.

3. Enable Full-Screen Gestures

Again, this is an iPhone-copied feature that you get in MIUI 12. You can now enjoy full-screen gestures on Xiaomi smartphones. To enable it, go to Settings > Additional Settings > Full-Screen Display > Then, choose Full-Screen Gestures. Once enabled, swipe up to go to the home screen, swipe left/right for navigations, and swipe up & hold for recent apps.

4. Separate App Drawer

Xiaomi has finally launched the separate app drawer feature with the latest MIUI 12. Now users have the option to switch from the default app drawer to a separate app drawer. Along with that, you can customize the app drawer even more further by organizing them into categories. Long tap on the home screen on your phone and select Settings then tap More > Select App Drawer.

5. Face Unlock

Now MIUI 12 comes with an additional security feature Face Unlock will unlock your device by scanning and verifying your face with the original one. To add your face data, just open smartphone Settings and go to Password & security option. Then, click on Face unlock and enter your current lock screen password or pattern. Now it will automatically scan & add your face data to the device. You can add more than one face data to unlock your device.

6. Ultra Battery Saver Mode

The new ultra battery saver-mode in MIUI 12 dramatically increases the screen on battery time. However, it limits many functionalities of your Mi smartphone such as restrict background activity, decrease screen brightness, switch to the dark mode, and limited apps to use. Though you can add the app you wanna use. To enable this, open Security app on your phone > tap on Battery tab > Toggle to turn on Ultra battery saver.

7. Focus Mode & Bedtime Mode

Focus and Bedtime Mode, both are two different features of Google Wellbeing. With Focus Mode, you can schedule a time when you want a small amount break from a specific app on your phone. It blocks the notifications showing up in the notification bar from that app as well. With Bedtime Mode, you can schedule your bedtime when you sleep, and then it will automatically enable Do Not Disturb mode and turn your smartphone screen into black & white. To reach out to this feature, unlock your Xiaomi phone and open Settings app > select Digital Wellbeing & Parental Controls > then, schedule to turn on Bedtime mode & Focus Mode individually.

8. MIUI Turbo Gaming Mode

MIUI Turbo Gaming Mode enhances the GPU and CPU performance to run high graphics games more smoothly on your Xiaomi device. There are other utilities have been added in this gaming mode such as screen recording, screenshot, boost memory, and more. Just open the security app on your Xiaomi phone and click to open Game Turbo. Then, click on the plus icon to add games that are installed on your phone right now. Once added, launch the selected app and enjoy a lag-free smooth experience. Also, pull the top left slider from left to right to access all the utilities provided by Turbo Game.

9. Video Toolbox Feature

As the name suggests, Video Toolbox feature provides some useful video utilities that can be used while the video is playing in your phone. Through this feature, you can quickly access and use these video tools such as screen recording, screenshot, cast the screen, play video sound with screen off, etc. Just open your smartphone Settings > Special Features > Video Toolbox.

10. Floating Notifications

Now MIUI 12 can view their notifications in a floating window. This feature is exactly as PIP (Picture in Picture) mode allows you to view notifications in a new floating window while the current app is still running. So, basically, you're running two apps simultaneously in your phone but it's different from the split-screen feature. You don't have to enable this feature manually since it's already enabled in your phone. You can check out their demos under Settings > Special Features > Floating window.

11. Apps Permission Manager

You get a new settings dedicated to managing the apps' permissions only. You can view and control each app's permission according to their type. For example, those apps that require the permission of your phone camera will be listed under the 'Camera Permission' menu. To view this option, just goto your smartphone's Setting > select Apps > then, click on Permissions under permissions setting. 

12. Compass for accurate direction

Honestly, it's not a new MIUI 12 feature but, many Xiaomi users still don't know about it. Compass is a system app already installed on your phone that tells you exact direction from where you're right now. You can launch the Compass app like any other apps from the apps drawer.

13. Pocket Mode

Pocket Mode is not new but, still a useful feature. When enabled, it automatically turns off or freeze your smartphone screen when you take it on your pockets while the display is still on. So, it protects your smartphone from misclicking, making calls, sending messages, open apps, etc that you don't want. To enable Pocket Mode, open Settings > click on Always-on display & Lock screen > then, turn on Pocket mode.

14. Lock & Hide User Apps

You can easily lock & hide user apps as well system apps in any Xiaomi smartphone based on MIUI 12, 11, or so on. Click here to know how to how to lock and Hide Apps in any Xiaomi smartphone.

15. Dual Apps Feature

The dual Apps feature lets you create a clone of any app is installed on your Mi Phone without using any third-party Android app. You can create a clone of any app such as WhatsApp and use two WhatsApp simultaneously with two different mobile numbers. To create the clone, open the Settings > Apps > Dual Apps > Choose your app and toggle to create a clone of the app.

Conclusion: MIUI 12 Tips and Tricks

If I've missed any MIUI 12 tips & tricks, you can tell me in the comment section. Click here to check eligible Xiaomi devices for MIUI 12, and I hope the best for you. Follow us on Facebook for more updates.

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