How to Track your Lost Mi Smartphones With Mi Find My Device

Xiaomi smartphones are always considered as one of the best phones under budget range. However, they also perform best in software experiences. Most smartphones made by Xiaomi company are based on MIUI, a highly customizable and powerful custom UI over the Android operating system. Currently, MIUI 12 is the latest version of the custom skin in Mi phones, and also read 15 new MIUI 12 tips and tricks you don't know. But, here is the most useful among all of the features. MIUI has an inbuilt smartphone location tracking feature called Mi Find My Device to track your Mi smartphones. Read the article further to know how to use Mi Find My Device to track your Mi smartphone's real-time location.

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Important Steps Before Using Mi Find My Device

Here are three essential steps that must be taken in order to use this feature Mi find my device to track the location of your smartphone.

Step1: Create Mi Account

First, you must have a Mi account logged in to your phone. If you don't, create a new one from Settings > Mi Account. Also, remember the login ID & password, it'll be used later.

Step2: Enable Mi find my device in your phone

The second step is also important. In your device settings, you should have enabled Mi find my device in order to work this feature. To do that, simply open your device Settings > Mi Account > Devices > then, select your device from my devices > Find device > lastly, click on Turn on Find device.

Step3: Turn on Internet Connection

Internet connection is required to use this service. So, always turn on the data connection if you're worried about losing your device especially when you go outside.

How to Track Mi Smartphones Location

Once you've done the above three steps only then you're can track your lost smartphone location in quite a few seconds. Here's how to do it:
  • Take your friend's smartphone or desktop and open Google Chrome or another internet browser.
  • Visit then, sign in with your Mi account that you've entered into your lost smartphone.
  • Once logged in, click on the Find Device icon and choose your device.
  • Now, here you can locate and find your exact device location through smartphone GPS and also perform some operations such as enable lost mode with a message, play a sound even when silent mode is on, and erase your smartphone data remotely.
When you enable lost mode using Mi find my device, the thief won't be able to perform any type of operating on your device including device power off and power on. Even though he can pull the sim tray out of your Mi smartphone which will disconnect your smartphone from the internet making it impossible to track the location. So, do this quickly as you lost your device.

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