10 Cool Zoom App Tips and Tricks You Should Try

Zoom is a free cloud-based video conferencing app where you can create and set up virtual video & audio conferences for a group i.e. employees or college students, etc. Through this app, you can also run online classes, start a webinar, and create business events as well. The live meetings can host up to 100 members of 40 minutes meeting sessions, and unlimited one on one meetings. However, the number of minutes and members can be increased with premium plans. Here I've listed 10 cool Zoom tips and tricks that significantly improve user experience on a live meeting.

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Zoom App Tips and Tricks:

1.Change Meeting Background

Change Meeting Background on Zoom

On Zoom Meeting app, one can change his/her video background while on a Zoom conference call or meeting. It allows users to change their video virtual backgrounds and apply some popular video filters as well. To use this feature, just open Zoom app on your desktop or mobile device > go to Settings > Background & Filters. Here you can choose and apply your favorite virtual video backgrounds as well as video filters. There are many effects including blur along with apply live video filters. Moreover, click on the plus icon (+) to add a custom image or video background.

2.Create Your Channel on Zoom

Create a Zoom Channel

A Zoom channel where you can add a bunch of office members or students to share the office and business-related materials or study-related materials. Creating a channel on Zoom app is a very easy task comparing to other meeting apps. To create a channel, you first need to complete the sign-up process on your desktop or mobile then, open the chat section from the top menu, click on the plus icon (+) in front of the recent menu and click to create a channel. Now, type the channel name, type, and set the privacy for users, and add members into your channel.

3.Start a Live Session

start a new meeting
To start the live session, all you need is just open the Zoom app on your desktop or mobile device and click to start a new meeting. Once, the live session is created, you can share invite links to students or employees to join the meeting. Also, you can see the total number of participants along with their names in your meeting.

4.Mute a Live Meeting

In Zoom app, there are two ways to mute the mic and turn off the live camera during the meetings. One can be while in a live meeting another can be found under Zoom's Settings then, go to the video and audio section and enable these options: 'Turn off my video when joining a meeting' and 'mute my microphone when joining a meeting'.

5.Schedule a Meeting

10 Cool Zoom App Tips and Tricks You Should Try

Zoom provides some interesting features like scheduling a meeting for upcoming live events. You can create and set up a schedule on a particular date and time as well as for a particular time duration. You can also enable some useful privacy settings in the advanced section.  Just go to Zoom > Settings > Schedule > Enter required details and the event is ready. Once created then, people will able to join them on time.

6.Share Your Screen

Probably, it is one of the best tricks of Zoom app that allows you to share your one computer or mobile screen onto another computer or mobile screen. It's a really useful feature for business presentations as well as if you want to show tutorials to your friends. To use this, start a meeting on Zoom and invite your friend to join the link > once joined,  click on Share Screen > Choose Screen > lastly, click on share from the bottom left icon. That's it. To stop sharing your screen, you can simply click on the stop share option from the top of your screen.

7.Record Your Meetings

Sometimes, it's important to record your live meetings for attendance or as an evidence purpose. To record the meetings on Zoom, you just need to click on the record button while you're on meeting. Along with that, It has the ability to pause/resume recording, once meeting ends the recording will be saved automatically to your computer's hard drive.

8.Lock the Meeting

Lock meeting is a useful feature in Zoom video conferencing app that lets you lock your live meeting so that no other member can join now. To do that, click on participants > three-dot from bottom left corner > and enable lock meeting. There are several applications of this feature such as enable this feature once the meeting joining time is over.

9.Waiting Room Feature

Similar to call waiting, Zoom waiting room feature holds your request to join the meeting on Zoom and if the host of the meeting or administrator allows your request only then you can enter meetings. To turn it on, open Zoom app and start a live meeting then click on participants > three-dot from the bottom left corner > and lastly, enable waiting room feature. Or, if you're doing with a smartphone, go to account management > account settings > click on meeting > then, enable waiting room feature.

10.Try These Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts and Tricks

Zoom keyboard tricks

Zoom offers tons of keyboard shortcuts to make your live meetings much easier. So, let's start it from first keyboard shortcut trick:
  1. Ctrl+Alt+Shift: Change focus to zoom meeting controls
  2. Alt+F1: Switch to speaker view
  3. Alt+F2: Switch to the gallery view
  4. Alt+V: Stop Video
  5. Alt+A: Mute/Unmute Audio
  6. Ctrl+Shift+M: Mute/Unmute Call
  7. Ctrl+Shift+H: Hold/Unhold Call
  8. Ctrl+T: Jump to chat with someone
  9. Ctrl+Shift+E: End call
  10. Alt+Shift+T: Take a Screenshot
There are more Zoom keyboard shortcuts to checkout under Zoom > SettingsKeyboard Shortcuts.

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