How to View Hidden Passwords in Google Chrome [No Admin Password Needed]

Google Chrome is a very popular internet browser among 3 billion users. It has an inbuilt password manager that automatically saves your social media and other passwords when you log in to their websites. To access Google Chrome's password manager on your desktop or mobile, go to Chrome's Settings then Passwords. The password manager in Chrome allows users to edit, remove and view all the saved passwords under a single tab. Normally, you'll be required to enter your Windows admin password to show the hidden password and if you don't know the admin password then you cannot view it unless you don't know this trick.

Here I'll show you how to view hidden passwords in Google Chrome without entering the Windows admin password. So without wasting so much time, let's get into the post.

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How to View Hidden Passwords in Google Chrome:

Follow the given instructions carefully step by step. It's very to do.

Step1: First, open Google Chrome on your desktop and go to password manager from settings → passwords. In this section, you can see a list of websites along with their user IDs (Email or username) and passwords in masked form (*****).
Chrome Password Manager

Step2: Select the website by clicking on it which you want to show the password.

Step3: Once the website login page is opened, right-click on the password box and click on inspect that will open Developer Tools.
Inspect element

Step4:  Here you can see a bunch of programming codes. Don't worry, we'll only modify a piece of  HTML code.
HTML Codes

Step5: Find input type="password" and double click "password" to highlight. Then, replace "password" with "text" which will now look like input type="text".

Password to Text

Now you can see the password is displayed in the text format.

So, I hope you like this Chrome hack. If you're very concerned about your privacy then I would suggest do not save your passwords in the Chrome browser.

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