How to Set up and Use WhatsApp Payment in India

WhatsApp has finally launched its payment service in India. Millions of Indian users can use this new payment method to send and receive money to each other via WhatsApp. Here you just need to add your bank account and verify through SMS and will be able to send or receive money through WhatsApp directly. In this tutorial, I will show you how to set up and use WhatsApp payment in India or anywhere else contry. So without further ado, let's get started:

Here's how to set up WhatsApp Pay:

Step1: Open WhatsApp in your smartphone

Step2: Tap on three dots from the top right corner of the WhatsApp user interface and select 'Payments' option

Step4: To add your bank account, tap on 'Add payment method' and choose your bank name from the given list then, it will verify the account through SMS from the bank registered mobile number

Step6: Once verification is successful, you're done with WhatsApp payment set up. ( UPI Pin is required in order to send and receive money through WhatsApp pay)

Note: You can link multiple bank accounts to WhatsApp in a similar way.

How to Send/Recieve Money:

In order to send/receive money with WhatsApp friends, you first have to link your bank account to WhatsApp by following the above instructions. And then, follow these steps:

Step1: Launch WhatsApp and open your friend's chat who has to send money

Step2: Select 'Attachment' icon and choose Payment

Step3: Enter the money amount and UPI PIN to finish the transaction. You'll receive a transaction notification through SMS.

How to delete WhatsApp Pay:

In case you want to unlink or delete your WhatsApp pay account, you can do that as well. Here's how:

Step1: Launch WhatsApp and go to the 'Payment' section from three-dotted icon from the top left corner

Step2: Tap on your bank name

Step3: From here, you can delete WhatsApp pay by tapping on three-dot icon and 'Remove payment method'.

That's how you can set up and use WhatsApp pay. Follow the same steps for iOS devices as well. Visit our homepage for more technology blogs.

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