Top 10 best Android apps of all time

Apps are the fundamental building block of any Android smartphone or iPhone. On the Android platform, Google play store is one of the trusted source from where we can download and install apps to our device. It consists of millions of useful Android apps, however, here we've listed the top 10 most useful apps available on the Google play store. So without further delay, let's get started.

Top 10 Android Apps of all time

These top 10 Android apps helps you to utilize your smartphone even better and are available on the play store free of cost that you can download right now from the given links.  .

1. Google Photos

Top 10 Useful Android Apps of all time

Google photos is a very popular cloud backup solution by Google. It gives unlimited storage capacity to backup all your photos to the server and also retrieve them later. From app' settings, enable back up & sync feature which automatically adds photos to backup as someone click. Google Photos offers 15GB of free storage for the original quality backup and unlimited storage for high quality (compressed). Along with that, multiple monthly and annual storage upgrade plans available as well.

2. LastPass

LastPass Android App

LastPass is an award-winning password manager & vault app. It can remember your Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other passwords on behalf of you. LastPass securely saves passwords into the app with a master password. In a nutshell, you just need to remember the only master password to access all your saved passwords. You can download LastPass for your smartphones and desktop devices as well as install it as a Chrome extension.

3. Discord

Discord Best App

Discord is a very popular chatting platform among pc gamers throughout they can chat & communicate with each other. The app features packet loss-free group voice callings, video calling as well as text chatting among cross-platforms. Unlike other social platforms, Discord also monitors NSFW content so that's why it's safe to used by children. Overall, it's a great chatting platform for everyone.

4. WPS Office

WPS Office

WPS Office is an office workflow app. It does the same work as you do in Microsoft Office. The app can work with presentations (PPT), Docs, MS Excel, and other formats of documents provided on a simple user interface. Along with that, it can also be used as a PDF reader and document scanner. WPS Office for Android is available on the play store free of cost.

5. Files by Google

Files By Google

Files by Google is a file management app with a storage cleaning feature in less than 12 megabytes. It helps to clean junk files, chats, duplicate files, unused apps, more and make your smartphone even faster. The app features file browsing, cloud backup, remove junk files, move/copy files, and more. Along with that, it has the ability to share files over WIFI using end-to-end encryption feature. Files by Google works flawlessly with Android 5.0 or above.

6. Google Pay

Top 10 Useful Android Apps of all time

Google Pay is a money transferring app through which users can send money to each other from their bank account. Using Google Pay. you can send money to your friends, pay bills at restaurants and other places, recharge phones, and other types of transactions. This payment app also can be used for online purchases. Google claims it's a 100% safe method to send and receive money.

7. Translate

Top 10 Useful Android Apps of all time

Translate app is a very useful Android app by Google of all time. It gives you the ability to translate a sentence or word into another language. It can translate over 103 languages. The app features offline translation, tap to translate, SMS translating, web translation, speech translation, and more. Along with that, Translate app uses the device camera to scan document texts and translate them accordingly.

8. PhotoScan

PhotoScan Android App

Google has made several useful apps for Android, Photo Scan is one of them. Basically, it's a camera app that lets you scan printed photos using your smartphone's camera and try to give it a look of digital picture as possible. PhotoScan app takes four different shots and then combine them to give photos a digital look. Other features include automatic edge detection & cropping features, smart rotation, and etc. Along with that, you can manually enable or disable the anti-glare feature. The app doesn't come with a lot of tools, however, features are useful.

9. Snapseed


Snapseed is a complete photo editor made by Google. It's designed for Android and iPhones to edit photos with a set of tools. This photo editor is capable of editing RAW & JPG format images. It has features like Select & Crop, White Balance, Brush, Healing, Curves, Vignette, Face Enhance, Noir, Frames, and more. Snapseed also includes a lens blur feature which basically helps to focus on the object more precisely. You can get Snapseed on the play store right now.

10. 1Weather


1Weather is a very popular weather forecasting app for Android. It lets you find the current situation of weather in your area which includes temperature, wind speed, humidity level, and more. It also displays upcoming weather reports for up to 12 weeks and alerts before bad weather conditions. 1Weather app keeps you inform with the latest weather news as well. Alternatively, you can download the Accuweather app.

Final Thought

That's it, for now. I hope you like the list of top 10 Android apps of all time. You must have installed these apps on your smartphone. If you wanna add up more apps, please follow this link. Also Click here to check out our latest games and apps for Android and iOS.

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