Things You Should Never Do with Your Smartphone

When someone purchases a smartphone, he expects to last it longer two years minimum. However, once, they get the smartphone over hand, they do some things that eventually decrease the smartphone's performance over time. A smartphone user should be aware of the mistakes that can potentially harm your device. So, here are the 10 things you should never do with your smartphone whether it's iPhone or Android.

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Things You Should Never Do with Your Smartphone:

1. Never Rebooting Device For a Long Time

Never Reboot your smartphone

When you don't restart your smartphone for a long time usually a week or month which stores tons of cache and temporary data in the memory. Rebooting your phone deletes all the temporary data from the phone and improve the performance as well. Modern smartphones don't require rebooting the device frequently, however, reboot your device 2 to 3 times a month for error-free performance.   

2. Installing Apps from Unknown Source

Never install apps from unknown source

Installing apps from the outside play store can store malicious code inside. Which might steal your personal data, delete files, install adware, and cause some other problems such as heating, lagging, etc. That's why you should download and install apps from the play store or trusted source only.

3. Using Antivirus and Battery Saver

Things you should never do with your smartphone

Antivirus and battery savers are two common myths with smartphones. Your smartphone is already very secure that doesn't allow the virus to get inside. Having these useless apps on your phone can eventually decrease the performance along with battery life. So, it's better to avoid such apps that include the phrase antivirus or battery saver.

4. Never Updating Your Smartphone

Phone update

You probably heard it before, updating your smartphone slows down the performance often time. While it's sometimes true though, it happens rarely. Smartphone update contains tons of essential security patches, bug fixes, and other new software features. I'd recommend you to keep your smartphone updated and enjoy new features.

5. Allowing Every Permission to Third-Party Apps

App permissions

Whenever you install apps from a third-party source or play store, it requires permissions to access data from the smartphone and function properly. However, you should allow only the required permissions to the app. For instance, do not allow phone call permission to the camera app.

6. Always Charging your Smartphone to 100%

100 percent charge phone
Charging your phone to 100% is not recommended. Ideally, you should keep your phone charged between 20 to 80 percent, not more or less. This way you can protect your smartphone battery from wear and tear and make it long-lasting for up to 5 years.

7. Not Using a Screen Protector

use screen protector

Always apply a good screen protector after purchasing a new smartphone. Using a screen protector is a great way to protects your smartphone display falling from a height and breaking the display into pieces. Along with that, it also saves the display from being scratched.

8. Never Uninstalling Unused Apps

Never Uninstalling Unused Apps

Having so many apps in your smartphone hits the performance directly. So, uninstall those apps which you really don't use. It can solve the device storage problem and improve overall performance.

9. Using Third-Party or Cheap Charging Cable

Third-Party or Cheap Charging Cable

You should avoid using third party cheap charging cables. Why? Cheap charging cables charge your smartphone at a very low speed, and it may damage your smartphone and companies won't take any warranty. Always use the original charger adapter and cable that comes with the smartphone.

10. Never Performing a Factory Reset

Factory reset

After using any smartphone for a long time, it loses its previous performance. By performing a factory reset, you can get back the previous performance and remove all the technical problems from your smartphone. However, one thing you should keep in mind: create a backup of your important data before doing a factory reset.

Final Thought

If you're a new smartphone user, these things you should never do with your smartphone. I hope you like this guide. If you've any queries or questions ask me in the comment section. Also, follow us on our social media platforms for more articles.

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