Zoom app has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times. The covid-19 lockdown situation has placed the whole world at the stand still. However, technology has backed up with various platforms for online communication. Zoom app is serving in the top order. This app is developed by Eric Yaun. Though the app looks simple to use. It has many hidden tricks that should know.

You might be a student trying to skip online classes, or an employee trying to communicate in a meeting. Here are top zoom app tricks that allow you to use the app in a better way and make life easier.

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9 General Zoom App Tips:

Basic features are like the must know things in zoom app. It ranges from changing the color of emoji to auto-start the app. Here's a full list of the important settings :

  • Auto start zoom app when the machine boots up
  • Minimize window into notification area
  • Enter full screen mode automatically
  • Automatically copy invitation link
  • Ask confirmation when leaving the meeting
  • Show time spent
  • Remainder of the future meetings
  • Stop video/audio when display is off
  • Change the skin tone of the emoji (thumbs up)

All these features are found in the settings menu under general section.

Top Zoom App Tricks:

Virtual Background:

A simple solid color background is more than enough to change your background with your favorite picture. Many of us hesitate to switch on camera and speak on a zoom call, with these virtual backgrounds. We get enough confidence and courage to keep our camera always on.

To do this, head over to settings < virtual background < choose default pictures or select one from your pc.

Note : Green background is well suited as the background will be completely separated from the foreground. Lighting also plays a major role here. So, sit in a well lit environment.

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Mute audio and video as soon as you get into the zoom call:

Students who attend many online lectures know how annoying it will be to turn off microphone and camera every single time they join a new meeting in zoom app. Well, here's a trick where the microphone and the video will automatically be turned off as soon as you join the meeting.

Microphone : Go to settings < audio < select "mute my microphone when joining a meeting".

Video : Go to settings < video < select "turn off my video when joining a meeting".

Gallery view:

You might have seen this option pop-up at the top of the screen when a participant is speaking. This option allows you to view the video of all the members in meeting.

Another annoying thing is not everyone will turn on their camera and it is boring to see their blank screens, you can remove these blank screens by going to settings < video < hide non-video participants.

Spotlight and touch up appearance :

Getting ready for an online meeting sometimes will be very irritating. What if i told you can use software to do that part ? Touch up appearance will exactly do that. This is very similar to the beauty mode in Android smartphones.

Spotlight will highlight your profile when you speak on a zoom call. To enable spotlight go to settings < video < select "spotlight my video when i speak".

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Recording features:

Recording a meeting is not a new feature at all but do you know about the storage options ?

A recorded call can be saved to your laptop directly to any of your favorite partition. It can be saved to a google drive account so that can be shared with the students easily. You can also edit the video with third party software and then save it. You can also buy a premium storage option from zoom which costs $15 a month that is approx. 1100 rupees.

Chat notifications and settings:

Let's be honest not everyone of us will always be active on a zoom call. We might miss out our attendance or vote. So, a pop up or swipe notifications might save us. Pop-up notification is one of my favorite zoom app tricks. To enable it, head over to settings < chat < under push notifications < select "all messages".

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Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • F6: Navigate among Zoom popup windows.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Shift: Move focus to Zoom's meeting controls
  • PageUp: View previous 25 video stream in gallery view
  • PageDown: View next 25 video stream in gallery view
  • Alt: Turn on/off the option Always show meeting control toolbar in Accessibility Settings
  • Alt+F1: Switch to active speaker view in video meeting
  • Alt+F2: Switch to gallery video view in video meeting
  • Alt+F4: Close the current window
  • Alt+V: Start/Stop Video
  • Alt+A: Mute/unmute audio
  • Alt+M: Mute/unmute audio for everyone except host
  • Alt+S: Launch share screen window and stop screen share. Note: Will only work when meeting control toolbar has focus
  • Alt+Shift+S: Start/stop new screen share. Note: Will only work when meeting control toolbar has focus
  • Alt+T: Pause or resume screen share. Note: Will only work when meeting control toolbar has focus
  • Alt+R: Start/stop local recording
  • Alt+C: Start/stop cloud recording
  • Alt+P: Pause or resume recording
  • Alt+N: Switch camera
  • Alt+F: Enter or exit full screen
  • Alt+H: Display/hide In-Meeting Chat panel
  • Alt+U: Display/hide Participants panel
  • Alt+I: Open Invite window
  • Alt+Y: Raise/lower hand
  • Alt+Shift+R: Gain Remote Control
  • Alt+Shift+G: Stop Remote Control
  • Ctrl+2: Read active speaker name
  • Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H: Show/Hide floating meeting controls
  • Alt+Shift+T: Screenshot
  • Alt+L: Switch to Portrait/Landscape View
  • Ctrl+W: Close current chat session
  • Ctrl+Up: Go to previous chat
  • Ctrl+Down: Go to next chat
  • Ctrl+T: Jump to chat with someone
  • Ctrl+F: Search
  • Ctrl+Tab: Move to the next tab (right)
  • Ctrl+Shift+Tab: Move to the previous tab (left)

Bottom line :

Tricks and tips are not only for the tech geeks or enthusiasts to seem cool but also for every normal person. Times like these are the best to learn or discover new tricks and help others save time. If you've discovered new zoom app tricks, please share them in the comments section and we'll be happy to add them in our article.

Zoom app continues to get better after every update. We, here at TechWithPro, always have the motto to keep things updated. So, new features will be added very soon.

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