Among us, After the ban of PUBG in India, has got a lot of popularity. The game was originally released in the year 2018 but it didn't seek much attention which provoked the developers of Innersloth to make Among us2.

Many foreign gamers and streamer after playing graphically intense games like call of duty, Pubg , etc. loved the simplicity of among us and how it attracts a gamer to spend more time playing it. In case of Indian streamers, Due to the ban of Pubg, they started playing this online game. No sooner did they start streaming it online, lakhs of Indians downloaded and started playing with their friends and online teammates. To be honest, i was one among them.

If you are wondering what is this game about ? Or How to Play it ? Who is an imposter ? How to be an Imposter ? Well, We have all the answers for your questions.

What is Among Us ?

It is an online sci-fi murder mystery game designed by innersloth. The game seems to have 90's graphics but I love the concept behind or the core idea. If you are a person who loves solving crimes, watching series like Sherlock Holmes. This game probably will become your favorite one. It's all about deduction while doing the tasks you are assigned to do.

In the game, you'll either play as an imposter or a crew member. The job of an imposter is to kill the crew members one by one without leaving any clues just like a serial killer. In case of a crew member, you've to to the assigned work that will be shown in the top left corner of your screen and also look out for the imposter. Basically imposter is a serial killer and crew members are detectives.

The interface of the game is fairly simple. On opening the game you'll find options like local which allows you to create a room to play with your friends and then online option that lets you join any team. Other two options are how to play which is pretty confusing tutorial and freeplay that lets you practise a few sessions. Controls for sound, music, connectivity and more are given at the bottom of the screen.

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How to Play Among Us ?

In the game there will two teams, the human crew members and two alien imposters. As explained before humans job is complete tasks and imposters to kill them and avoid as many tasks as possible. Also,on a side note, you can customize the way your character looks in the beginning of the game by clicking on the customize button.

In case you get killed by an imposter while completing the assigned job, you can still complete the remaining work as a ghost. so, you can't escape without finishing the work.

While playing the game you've to mute your microphone. You can only unmute when there is a meeting going on. And in the game screen you'll see:

  • Tasks to be completed - Top left of the screen
  • Map - Top right of the screen
  • Settings - Top right of the screen
  • Joystick - Bottom left of the screen
  • Report or Use functionality - Bottom right of the screen
  • Ping - Top part of the screen.

How to win as a crew member in Among Us ?

Winning as crew member is a bit difficult and risky. There are less chances of winning as a human than an imposter. Anyways, there are two ways in which you can win as a human crew member in among us.

  1. To complete all the assigned work and avoid getting killed by an imposter.
  2. Deduct both the imposters and kill them.

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How to kill an Imposter ?

An imposter can be killed by ejecting a suspected player out of the game after the discussion or a meeting. In a meeting, players can either turn on their microphone and communicate or use the chat box.

A meeting gets automatically summoned when a crew member dies or when a player hits the emergency meeting button in the center of the map.

After discussion, you can vote a player whom you think is the suspect. The player who gets maximum votes will be ejected out into the lava or space in the game. Choose wisely because it can't be undone. Even if a crew member gets majority votes, he'll be killed and removed. After the removal a message pops up stating whether he was an imposter or a normal crew member.

How to win as an imposter in Among Us ?

Imposters have fake list of tasks to imitate normal crew members but they cannot access or take control of those tasks.

Imposters have many features to utilize, like :

  • There are vents to help imposters for a speedy movement
  • They can periodically sabotage the ship by attacking the ship directly or disabling a system.
  • They can shut doors and prevent the movement of crew members.

When the ship is sabotaged, humans will have limited time to fix the issue. Incase they fail to fix it on time, members in that region will die. So, it'll be an easy win for the imposters.

Imposters can disable only one system at a time, so you've to make the best possible choice. For example: Disabling lights, so humans can't see and one can be killed with ease.

How to Deduct an Imposter ?

The special features of the imposters are mentioned above, use these things to find out. For example :

  • Watch out other players while completing your task
  • Identify who is using vents
  • Check cameras
  • After getting a valuable info, arrange an emergency meeting
  • Check out door sensors
  • Look out for a player who is spying on you.

There are so many tricks to find out but these can't be remembered, only by playing the game you can become a better detective or an imposter.

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How to Deduct a Crew Member ?

One of the easiest ways to find out if a player is a crew member is by following them, they will be in mission to complete the given tasks. So, when they are finalizing the task, you'll see an animated green ring oscillating their body. This confirms that he is a normal crew member.

Essential Tricks You Should Know :

  • If you've seen a red light blinking, there'll be a camera next to it. So, you can access it to watch over.
  • There will also be some heartbeat monitors, so you can check if a crew member died due to an accident or he was murdered.
  • There will also be door monitors so you can check who walked or used that room.

Conclusion :

In the world of extreme graphics games, i never thought lite games like among us can become so popular. Try out this fun little game on your smartphone. The game keeps you engaged and improves your deduction skills. Games like these are best to play with our friends online.

We will keep updating the tricks section of this article, so consider checking after a while to know the best and most essential tricks and tips. It would mean a lot to us if you could bookmark this page.

Thank you.

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