A few years ago people were obsessed with the quality of TV screens and home- projector systems saw a steep rise in demand. People generally thought a better screen results in a better watching experience, I partially agree with that but I believe audio still plays a much better role. Now the thing comes into mind is "let's improve audio system" but HOW? The answer remains simple "just buy good speakers".

In the recent times, the introduction of soundbars, and their aggressive pricing with support to Dolby Atmos surround sound, has confused a lot of people. Hence, one of the most frequently asked questions is - Should you buy a soundbar or a home theater setup? The answer entirely depends on your need and location.

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What is Soundbar for ?

A soundbar used to be a simple long-channel type of speaker but in recent times companies have added sub-woofers and support to Dolby Atmos, Virtual surround sound,Combination of two soundbars with all the way upto 7.1 systems.

Soundbars were introduced to reduce the complications that a home theater makes, the wiring to all the four corners of the room and even to the ceiling for Dolby Atmos experience. Soundbars now are wireless and easy to setup and use. They can be moved around and the output quality that we get from them is really appreciable.

One of the main reasons people think of buying soundbars is the price. There are hundreds of soundbars available from great companies in the budget category itself. Since i mentioned earlier soundbars also depends on the location. I mean where you want to place them ?

They serve fantastically if you are planning to get them for your personal room TV where it's hard to fix a home theater setup due to various reasons like lack of space or you want it to look clean without any wires being seen. They are also great for a small living room or you can buy a combination if budget isn't your restriction. Since they come with a sub-woofer, most of the demands of young folks are easily met.

Advantages of having a soundbar:

  • Wireless and easy to set-up
  • No complications
  • Fairly inexpensive when compared with home theater setups
  • It is mobile and doesn't consume much space

In case you are not satiated with what a soundbar offers, home theater maybe a go for you.

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What is Home-theater for ?

A home theater is a pretty complex audio setup. Starting from just a sub-woofer and a couple of connected speaker to using an high-end AVR (audio/video receiver) connected with 7.1 System speakers. Unlike soundbars home theater setup needs a lot wiring to be done.

These AV receivers are generally expensive, they can be paired with 5.1 or 7.1 Speaker setup.If you've a satellite connection like Tatasky or Airtel, they provide audio in Dolby so you can still enjoy your normal TV content with the same setup. [NOTE : Dolby audio is provided only if you've opted for HD feed] .You can also connect your gaming consoles and the AVR decodes and provides the best possible output. So, ultimately the audio quality you get out of them is just mind-boggling. The AVR remote control comes with a ton of options and it is really worth to know every bit of usage.

One more thing to keep in mind while buying an AVR is it's support to active sub-woofer. Entry level AVR's support only passive sub-woofer that comes bundled with it but a mid-range or high end AVR comes with active sub-woofer support so you can upgrade sub-woofer later on. Also most of the high-end AVR's don't include speakers and sub-woofer.Those have to be purchased separately. Hence, it adds on to the overall price of the home theater.

If you are planning on buying normal sub-woofer and it's set speakers, Soundbars maybe a better choice, as their audio isn't great enough to call them "home theater setup".

If budget isn't a restriction, you love wiring like me and want an ultimate audio set-up. This is the right thing to choose. But remember this setup is well suited for a separate projector room or a cinema watching hall. If you plan on changing the TV location, it'll be a big mess. (Because of separate right, left and top audio channels).

Advantages of home theater setup:

  • Excellent Audio quality
  • Great for projector rooms/ cinema hall at home
  • Separate audio channels
  • Audio up-scaling
  • All-in-one setup for gaming, movie, and casual TV Shows.

Now if you think the soundbar will suit you better than a home theater setup, give it a go.

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Best Soundbar in the market in every price category:

There are so many Soundbars available in the market. But, for the user ease we've divided into list from budget category to some expensive soundbars too.

Under 5,000 Indian Rupees:

Under 10,000 Indian Rupees:

Under 15,000 Indian Rupees:

Under 20,000 Indian Rupees:

Above 20,000 Indian Rupees:

Best Home Theater in the market :

NOTE : Basic AVR comes bundled with a sub-woofer and speakers.

Entry level:



Best home theater speakers in the market in every price category:

Basic : Vizio 36-inch 5.1 SmartCast Sound Bar System

Mid-range: Yamaha YHT-5950U


  1. Klipsch Reference speakers
  2. Bose LifeStyle 650

Bottom Line

At the bottom, I would say there are variety of options for soundbar or home theater. You can pick up the best one in under your budget category. Note you may find some amazon affiliated links for the website profit, use that link to purchase the product directly from here. Follow us on twitter or other social media for more gadgets reviews.

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