Screen Guards or screen Protectors have become most used phone accessories in this generation. Screen protector market value as of 2015 was 31.1 Billion US Dollars. By now that value might have multiplied a hundred times (The current estimation isn't available as of now ). But you get the idea.

When you buy a new smartphone, the first you'd buy is a screen protector. (Yes, mid-range phones come with pre-applied protectors which is just a thin plastic sheet and some brands skip that, anyways most of us end up buying a new one) So, the decision we get to make is whether to buy a plastic or a glass screen protector. But have you heard of ProtectionPro?

What is ProtectionPro?

ProtectionPro is an Ultra slim screen guard that does not hinder the touch responsiveness of your touchscreen like other plastic/glass guards. It also feels premium like glass to use and with a matte finishing on the top, the glare effect is eliminated from sun and other light sources. It's also not a fingerprint magnet, so you don't need to worry about wiping off the fingerprints often.

The shield is like a hybrid of glass and plastic. So, it has both the characteristic features. What's more interesting is the protection film is available for each and every smartphone model from the legacy of iPhone 2G aka iPhone 1 to latest the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

According to medico, their ProtectionPro is the most advanced screen guard and it is true because of the following special features.

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Special Features :

  • Very slim film - 0.2 mm thick.
  • Strong: won't break and is impact resistant
  • It is sensitive: maintains screen responsiveness
  • It is flexible around curved edges
  • Self healing to minor abrasions or scratches.
  • Anti-glare
  • Anti-fingerprint
  • Optical clarity
  • Compatible with all the devices.

The film is also available in glossy finish if you like that.

Types available :

1. Ultra 2

It is their newest and most recent shield. It is very similar to the Ultra but it comes with a more robust built quality that is it feels more like a glass with regards to visuals and the feel.

2. Ultra

This type comes only in glossy with features like self-healing and scratch resistance. It is also their most sensitive shield.

3. Ultra Matte

As the name suggests it has a matte finish which prevents fingerprints and distracting glare from sunlight. This is also the most affordable option and this, i believe will be the choice of most of the people.

NOTE: If you are not satisfied with the touch response and sensitivity after applying a screen guard, head over to Settings > Additional settings > Keyboard and input method > Pointer speed. Increase the pointer speed to maximum and the result for sure will be better.

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ProtectionPro vs Other Screen Protectors in the market:

There are a number of things to compare like from the looks to feel and durability to price. Let's get started one by one.

Tempered glass looks great when it's first applied. A small drop can shatter it and make it unusable. Whereas plastic guards can't be shattered but they can just handle minor starches and abrasions . It doesn't protect the screen full well. They look cheap and usability becomes difficult. When it comes the medico Ultra shield, They feel like glass but can't be shattered and they can self-heal, at least the minor ones. But the matter we are all concerned is how our finger glides through it and here i completely agree glass feels much better than anything but we must remember a famous statement "Glass is glass and glass breaks" by Zack from jerryrigeverything.

In terms of durability, it again ranks higher as glass needs constant changing if you drop your phone a lot and plastic gets easily scratched at level 2 or 3 which irritates while using the device. The thickness of a plastic protector is around 0.1mm, while the glass protectors are generally 0.3-0.5 mm.

The only con you pretty much find is the cost of application per piece. It price ranges from rupees 500 to 1000 depending on the type but let's be practical changing a tempered glass 5-10 times year costs more than a ProtectionPro shield that lasts at least 2 years. I personally use the Ultra Matte version and it is worth every single penny.

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How the shield is applied onto your device ?

The whole process can maximum take up-to 2 minutes. Here's a step-by-step process on how it's applied.

  1. The device's model name is searched on the medico app.
  2. A fairly big sheet is taken and QR code on it is scanned.
  3. The sheet is inserted into the cutting machine.
  4. After a precise cut, IP water is used to clean your device's screen and then install gel is sprayed on the device as well as the shield.
  5. The shield accurately placed and the extra gel is removed by a card.

The Durability test [The Truth] :

Let's not get fooled by the ads. The main concept we need to understand is a screen protector can only protect from scratches abrasions and falls. But hitting a hammer or dropping from a 20 feet height is senseless advertisement. A screen gaurd has no role there, may be it can take the pressure from a hammer and release it later but there's a limit for everything. Nobody will hit their phone with a hammer or use their smartphone as a hammer to put nails onto the wall.

Talking sense, ProtectionPro can handle our daily life drops from the pocket or scratches from coins or keys. The self-healing mentioned earlier is not completely true. Small abrasions will be healed but deeper groves are hard and trusting a screen guard too much may end up in a bad way.

ProtectionPro, in my opinion, is better than tempered glass and plastic screen protector. It has recently released it's skin called infinity series, check it out.

Bottom line

So screen protector are the essential part of our smartphones either its Android or iPhone. It'll protect the smartphone display from scratches, falling, etc. Also, you can change protector in a cheap price but display costs much higher than this.

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