Have you ever felt low internet speed? I'm sure you definitely have faced this problem. It's very common problem that happens with everyone once. These type of problem mainly occurs in smartphones because of some incorrect settings configuration or sometimes server issue. Today, in this post, I'll show you some settings inside your smartphone you can use to boost internet speed without installing any third-party app.

Check your Internet Speed

Check your internet speed before going through these settings. Using a internet speed test Android app or from Okla website you can check your current downloading, uploading, and ping test of the server.

how to boost internet speed

Tricks to Increase Internet Speed on any Smartphones

These are some 100% working tricks you can try and instantly see the difference before and after applying the settings. So without any further delay let's jump in

1. Turn On Flight Mode for 30 Seconds

Sometimes, after using smartphone for a long time internet speed decreases automatically. When you turn on flight mode for 30 seconds it resets the bad network frequency and connect your smartphone with better network optimized towers when you turn off flight mode. Along with that, it removes some other network issue as well.

Turn On Flight Mode to boost internet speed

2. Restart your iPhone or Android

When the phone is turned on for a long time for one week or more, sometimes causes some internal issue or network problem which can't figured out directly. But what we can do is to restart our smartphone to solve this problem quickly & easier. I would suggest you to restart your phone on regular basis at least one time in a week to network optimized performance.

Restart your smartphone to boost internet speed

3. Reset APN settings

Reset your Access Point Name or APN settings is on of the best possible ways to increase your internet speed. To do so open smartphones' Settings > Tap SIM card & mobile networks > Choose your operator name > Access Point Names > Reset. There can be different way to access this settings for every smartphone brand.

Reset APN settings to increase internet speed

Here you can add other APNs or modify existing one. Do not modify or delete these settings without enough knowledge otherwise mobile internet may not work. However, you can use reset option to get back those APN settings.

4. Disable Background Data

Smartphones have installed tons applications that you use on daily basis. Also, there are some other apps on your phone you may rarely use them or very less often. Many expert suggests these type of apps may have unwanted permissions and can access your private data also they can upload your data to their servers while running in the background. This results low internet speed. To boost internet speed either you can uninstall the app completely from your phone or prevent using background data.

To disable background data, open smartphone's Settings > Manage Apps > Choose an App > Restrict Data Usage. You can do this for selected apps.

5. Use Lite Apps

Lite apps don't increase your internet speed, however, you may feel it like you're having a good internet speed. Usually, lite apps are made to work flawlessly with less powered CPU and low internet speed.

Nowadays, every popular app has its lite version and Google has Go version such as Facebook Lite, Google Go, Maps Go, Messenger Go, PUBG Lite, etc.

6. Clear Cache & Apps Data to Improve Internet Speed

Sometimes, an app or browsers may contain very old data which lower down to poor app performance and websites do not load quickly. To clear applications data goto manage apps from settings and then choose your browser app and clear cache & apps data.

7. Stop Auto Update

In some apps like Google play store auto update feature has enabled by default which update your installed apps without your information. The same thing happens with WhatsApp, it downloads the images or other media files as you connect to internet.

To disable auto update open play store > settings > Auto update apps > don't auto update. And read this article stop auto media downloads in WhatsApp

Additional Tip: Consider using VPN Service is a VPN & DNS service maintained by Cloudflare server. The basic use of the app is to browse privately and maintain privacy. You can download it your Android & iOS smartphone directly from stores. To ensure privacy and give lag-free experience (ping problems), connects to the nearest DNS server available or you can consider it as a public DNS resolver which not only maintains privacy but also boosts the internet speed.

A major difference is found while surfing as it is dedicated to that purpose. Make sure you don't confuse with the VPN service that is also available in the app. DNS is different from the VPN service. If you want to watch content that is not available in your country then you can switch on a VPN and enjoy it.


I either restart my device or turn on flight mode for 30 seconds to solve the slow internet issue. To be sure, run an internet speed test again after applying these settings and see the difference.

If you have any questions related to my blog post or website, ask directly through the comment box. And don't forget to share this post with your friends. Have a good day:)

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