Battery life for most of us is the prime feature that decides which phone to buy, but the problem is many people don't change their phones for at least a year or two. Since Mobile phones have become our daily essentials to do any work. We keep recharging the phones once in a day or even more if you are an extensive user. Any battery will have a limited number of recharging cycles. Once the target is reached, the efficiency comes down resulting in poor battery life.

Recharging again is not the only reason which reduces battery life but also factors like fast charging, excessive consumption, voltage drops or hypes, etc,. Due to our excessive usage. Most modern companies are releasing larger battery phones like the samsung m21 which has whooping 6000Mah battery capacity.

Battery life is dominantly used by the processor or the SoC(System on chip). Which includes both GPU and CPU tasks unlike computer processors. Secondly the display takes over. Presently we are getting a lot of phones with Quad HD panels and high 90 hertz or 120 hertz refresh rate. Then comes software, camera activities, speakers , connectivity,etc,.

Higher battery capacity doesn't always result in great battery life, the efficiency of the SoC and software also depends. If we look at Apple iPhone 11 pro max's optimization or the right integration between the hardware and software gives really fantastic battery life. The phone just has 4000MaH battery.

Use These Settings Extend Phone's Battery Life

Just in case you own an old smartphone. Which likely has a smaller battery and has completed plenty of recharge cycles. Here are some of the fascinating tricks to extend your phone's battery life.

1.Turn Off All Connectivities

  • Mobile data
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
Connectivity as I said before drives much power from the battery. Turning off Bluetooth, wifi and mobile data when not using it will extend the device's battery life.

2. Turn on Dark mode to extend battery life

If your device has an AMOLED panel, then please turn on dark mode. You might have heard that the blacks are deep in AMOLED panels. Also it has rich viewing angles. The reason is when any black image is displayed the pixels on the panel turn off. So, that helps in producing rich blacks and extent the usage of phone. Definitely turn on dark mode on all the platforms whether it is YouTube, Instagram, Spotify or any application.

3. Uninstall third party apps

Most modern phones or even a phone from last year shows the app that is using maximum battery proportion. Directly uninstall those apps because in many cases those apps will be the chinese apps that access many permissions and collect information in the background. This also makes your phone slower.

If an important app is coming in the list , then download the lite version of it. There are lite versions for every popular app like chrome, spotify, YouTube, Facebook, etc,. These apps give similar experience by consuming less power from both SoC and the battery. It also uses less space on the storage which is definitely a bone.

4. Switch to more optimized apps

Chrome is the most used browser what we don't understand its a huge app that drinks a lot of battery. So, the best thing is to switch to other alternatives like opera mini or firefox lite.

Browsing is always considered to be a lite work/ task to do but chrome for a reason takes to the next level and eats up performance and battery.

5. Block all unnecessary notifications :

According to a study an average human uses his smartphone for atleast 3 hours per day and unlocks 110 times. Most of these unlocks are because of the unncessary notifications we get from social media or news apps (ads if you are a miui user). So, its better to block all the notifications. In my phone all the notifications are blocked except a few which are very important for me. Because i want to control my phone and not the other way round.

We need to avoid getting controlled or getting commands from our smartphones that we humans invented.

6. Turn Off Always-on display

I considered this point to be zero because i just love the always on display and can't live without it because not all phones come with the notification LED. This always on display adds to an aesthetic feature of the phone. So, I won't be asking you to turn it off though it eats up the battery. I feel like nobody should sacrifice everything just to get good battery life.

7. The Battery life-saving Wallpapers

As mentioned away, the AMOLED pixels get turned off when there is a black image to project. So, using dark amoled themed wallpapers on our home screens and lock screens save plenty of battery.

8. Battery saver mode

This mode is particularly annoying if you haven't changed specific settings. This mode not only cuts off 10% of the background usage but also restricts connectivity, the data speeds will be very slow. So, by jumping to settings of the battery saver mode disable connectivity restrictions and after this you'll really be able to save out your battery during emergencies.

9. Notorious third party apps will kill your battery life

  • Torrents
  • Cleaners
  • Sharing apps
  • Apps like helo
These apps suck battery and data in the background too much in the background. So, i suggest you to pause these apps or restrict apps from using mobile data. The best thing you can do is uninstall but if you torrent is necessary for you, you can go ahead and pause when you are not using it.

Also having unwanted apps that have very little do to in your phone sometimes gets activated on it's own and starts drinking your battery as well as data which is bad news. So, deleting them makes total sense to save battery.

10. Slow charge your smartphone

There are basically two types of people. People who charge their phone multiple times for a short period of time and use all day. And people who charge their phone at night.

I'm basically who charges phone at night , now there are a couple of advantages here. Charging your phone during the day will heat up the battery because you'll be using it sometimes and compared to night day temperatures are always high. Also multiple charges even for a short period of time will count as one full cycle which effects the battery in a bad way. So, it's great if you charge your phone at night and completely use it in the daytime if you're doing the opposite then i suggest you to change the routine.

Let me also address the people who are more active at night and are unable to find the time when to recharge. The only thing you can actually do is use slow chargers and don't use fast chargers unless it's an emergency. Avoid using wireless chargers as they produce a lot of heat.

By the term slow chargers i mean 5 watts or maximum 10 watts, since overnight charging session will be for more than 4 hours, go with the 5 watt charger. Slow charging will definitely benefit the battery by making its life longer.

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