Find Lost Android Phone

In this digital world, nobody ever wants to lose their smartphone. But, the sad reality is many of us end up losing our smartphones and we can't find them.

If you have lost your Android phone or kept somewhere in your home and don't remember. In any of case, you can track our Android phone location as well as perform some operations like remotely lock, track the last location, bell a ring, or even permanently erase all your data and one of the best way to do is, using Google Find my Device app.

Google Find My Device

Find my Device is a Google' service and Android application to that can track your lost Android phone, watches, and tablets. You can locate your device's current location precisely with real-time information about its cellular network, last seen activity, and battery percentage as well. Below, we have explained everything related to this topic so without wasting our time let's further get into the post

How to use Google Find My Device App

Step1: Search for Google Find my Device on the play store then download & install it OR open find my device Official site

Google Find My device

Step2: Log in into your Google Account by entering your valid email id and password

Login to Google

Step3: From here, you can track recent device activities such as the last updated location, battery stats, etc. Along with that, you can remotely perform some operation directly to your lost device such as Play Sound, Secure Device or Erase Device remotely.

Bottom Line

Here we have explained everything you need to know on how to find a lost Android phone. If you have any questions or queries, drop a comment or contact me directly. And most importantly, don't forget to share this tutorial with your friends or family. It will help him for sure. Have a good day:)

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